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Plus Size Accessories - Tips for Plus Size Men 


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Accessories are an important part of any outfit. Not only does it enhance your appearance, it can also bring out your unique character and fashion sense. 

Plus Size Accessories - Tips for Plus Size Men 

For plus size men, accessories are an extra element to your outfit that can help you look more attractive and well groomed. These are some of the plus size accessories that can really help to bring your dressing to the next level:

  • A Good Coat

There are definitions to what a good coat is. In general, a plus sized coat must fit you well and not be overly tight or too loose. You should be able to button it comfortably when you stand. 

For plus size men, coats with straight and sharp cuts are the best. Linen blazers in dark colors work best with warm weather, as they don’t accumulate heat and the material is pretty light.

  • A Sleek Pair of Shoes

If you’re in a formal get-up with shirt and slacks, proper shoes is an absolute necessity. Many men don’t really think that an elegant pair of shoes is important, as it’s often hidden underneath your pants. 

This leads many plus size men to just wear a pair of sneakers or sports shoes. However, you’ll need a higher quality pair of shoes that compliment your whole outfit. In general, men’s shoes include things like Bluchers, Derby style, Moccasins, Loafers, Monk Straps and more. 

Keep your shoes clean and well polished (if it’s made of PVC of leather). These types of shoes can boost your masculine appearance.


  • A Classy Tie

A tie is a fashion statement all by itself. It can be loud and garish, but it can also be elegant and classy. You should pick your tie design based on the situation. Bright ties with large or funny designs may be suitable for parties and other casual situations.

However, if you’re choosing a tie for work, plainer and darker colors work best, with minimal designs and prints. 

Plus sized men should avoid thin ties and go for regular sized ones, while tying a large knot when wearing it.


  • A Stylish Belt

Finding a belt that’s long enough for you when you’re plus sized can be challenging. Many retail stores just don’t carry belts for larger men. In order to find the correct belt length, you should measure your real waistline, and then add 15cm to that number. This will be the total length of your belt.

As with ties, avoid choosing belts that are thin in terms of width. Let the belts you choose be at least 3cm and more to fit with the overall proportion of the other parts of your outfit.

  • Retro Suspenders

Suspenders may seem outdated to some people, but looks awesome on large sized guys. This is because it creates vertical lines from your shoulders to your waist, making you look slimmer and more balanced proportionally.



Make sure you also use your plus size accessories as a channel for self expression. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your plus size accessories, by choosing your favorite designs and colors. It will help make your outfit distinctly you.