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Plus Size Underwear: 5 Reasons Why Lingerie Is Important


Plus Size Underwear: 5 Reasons Why Lingerie Is Important

Lingerie is often a taboo subject that people avoid discussing . Among women, it’s treated with a certain sense of embarrassment and we get shy if someone brings it up in public.

However, lingerie is such an integral part of daily life. Despite it being such a simple thing, it actually forms a large part of our confidence, and the way we live. 

Here’s why you just can’t live without good quality plus size underwear:


They provide the necessary support

In fact, lingerie has its practical applications. Bras, for example, are important in preventing sagging and allowing you to move freely. They give adequate protection during sports activities so that your busts don’t get in the way of your arms and don’t get hurt from too much jiggling.

It’s not just vigorous activity that needs support. You’ll need it when performing daily activities too, like cleaning the house, driving and more. This support protects your busts from accidentally being squashed by external objects and other parts of your body.


They bring out your sexiness

The right set of underwear can make you feel really good about yourself. Lacy lingerie, push-up bras, corsets, bustiers and more don’t necessarily have to be worn for someone special. You can totally wear them for yourself, as they give you that extra confidence boost you need. 

Indeed, you don’t need the approval of anyone to look and feel sexy. As long as you like a certain undergarment, just go with it and express yourself. Don't restrict your body, look for the right plus size underwear


They protect your body from the elements

 When you’re out and about, your body is exposed to many natural elements, including the sun, wind, dust and other pollutants. Your undergarments can protect you from these elements for the most part. 

If you find yourself in a warm environment, a pair of cotton undies will absorb the sweat and help prevent heat rash and infections that result from the accumulation of sweat. On the flip side, if you’re in a very cold environment, your bras and panties can help provide an extra layer of warmth for more comfort.


They prevent chafing

Imagine having to wear a pair of jeans without wearing any undies. It would be rather unpleasant, not to mention painful. In this way, undergarments are important as they provide a layer between our sensitive parts and our clothing. It’s especially useful if the piece of clothing is made with heavy or rougher material.


They help enhance your shape 

 As women, we would like the freedom to wear what we’re comfortable with and express our own individual fashion sense. This includes wearing clothing that falls close to the body. Items like bras, corsets and bustiers make you look shapelier, and enhance all your curves in the right places. They therefore bring out the best in whatever you choose to wear.


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Our undergarments aren’t just pieces of fabric. They can be your source of true confidence and individuality, so don’t compromise on choosing the right plus size underwear. Wondering where to get them? Browse through Butik BOS lingerie selection today for soft and comfortable pieces that help you feel good from the inside out!