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How to Choose The Right Plus Size Jeans in Malaysia


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How to Choose The Right Plus Size Jeans in


Alright, let’s face it, it isn’t too bad to be a plus-sized person in Malaysia. We are fortunate to come across that a plus-sized person sometimes exude more confidence than a slimmer person. The reason is simple, the society sees them as sort of a role model in very kind ways. 


Tired of Not Getting the Right Size?


Finding the right pair of plus size jeans in Malaysia can be quite a challenge for some. Especially for the ladies with wider hips, they can find it difficult to fit well in those pair of jeans. For men, plus size jeans can still be manageable, most likely covering up the thighs could seem to be a slight issue at some time.


Tip #1: Look for regular fit plus size jeans

Ideally, for ladies, anything flappy or tight might just reveal too much of those wide hips and bottoms. Look out for plus size jeans that are straight cut and regular fit which reduce the visibility of larger portions of your legs. Of course, you have to shop around for the right type to fit your hips. Know that wide hips are not right for any low waist jeans and they exhibit too much of your lower part. It makes you bigger than you should. 


Tip #2: Colour is key

Dark blue and anything dark is completely fine. As long as they don’t have leopard spots or lines that stretch your thighs even further. Look at the right colours for your skin tone too. Titanum offers men’s jeans with a broad range of colour options. 


Tip #3: Avoid plus size jeans with complicated designs

As for men, you will have more advantage than the ladies as a fit for your bottoms can be somehow easier to search for. Remember, not something low cut or a fashionable bootcut below knee level, that would just flash out the higher parts of your hips. 


Tip #4:  Choose plus size jeans made of breathable materials 

Consider something loose and comfortable, especially in Malaysia, the climate can be quite problematic as you might sweat more. Reduce your worries by searching for plus size jeans that are air permeable so that you wear them more often. 


Tip #5:  Stretch is comfort

It can be quite a pain when friends are wearing jeans and you’re not. So, go for it. Most important, comfortable and stretchable materials can put you at ease would be the best. Don’t let your jeans restrict your movement. Check out Lee’s stretch series for more design. 


Tip #6:  Jeans with the right length makes you look taller 

Folding up the end of your jeans is also not advisable. It might look as if you came out from a flood. Tailor-made them to a length that fits nicely into your pair of shoes. 


Tip #7: Go for ready made plus size jeans to save cost

Forget about designer jeans as they could be costly. Choose those ready made for plus size men and ladies. To look slim in Malaysia is a trend even for plus size people. Don’t worry, it takes some time to select the right pair of plus size jeans. It is so much easier to look out for the right kind if you’re adventurous enough. 



Build up your confidence by learning to pick the right kind. Keep all these tips in mind, go out there and shop for your kinds. Wondering where? BOS Boutique Malaysia it is. Long or short, we provide.