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Secrets to Look Awesome in Extra Large Shirts


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Secrets to Look Awesome in Extra Large Shirts

If you’re a plus-sized guy reading this, you must be wondering what these ‘secrets’ are all about. Well, looking good isn’t just for others. It’s for you too. 

Plus-sized men can look attractive and poised, and the right clothes can really help. If you’re working in a formal setting and need to wear shirts on a regular basis, you need to choose the correct sizes and patterns. Here’s how you can choose the best extra large shirts for yourself:

  • Stick To Conservative Colors For Your Extra Large Shirts

Plain colors that are usually found in an office setting work best for plus-sized men. These include colors like grey, white, black, maroon and blue. 

Avoid Hawaiian style prints and loud colors like bright yellow and fluorescent green. These tend to make you look larger rather than drawing the eyes of people away from your berth and accentuating your height.

  • Choose a Spread Collar

Dress shirts usually come with one of three types of collars, the straight point, the spread and the button down. Try your best to go for spread collar shirts that have noticeably bigger collars which are wider than average. 

The reason for this is that spread collars generally make your face look balanced out. If you wear small and petite collars, your face and neck may end up looking larger than they actually are. 

Also, make sure you choose shirts with stiff collars that can stand up and stay spread out for a more polished look. 

  • If Choosing Stripes, Make Them Vertical

Striped shirts can look very fetching, whether in a formal or casual setting. However, if you do choose a striped shirt, make sure you choose vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are the best as they accentuate your height rather than your girth. 

Small stripes work best for plus-sized shirts. This is because they help make your torso look slimmer and smaller. Big patterns make your body look bigger in general.

  • Make Sure They’re Long Enough To Tuck In

Shirt length is pretty important, especially since you would want to accentuate your waistline. It has to be at least 15-20cm below your waist for you to tuck it into your trousers comfortably and not worry about it looking messy or for it to come un-tucked while you’re moving about your daily activities.

It’s alright if you want to wear your shirt without tucking it in. The same length guidelines apply as your shirt should fall comfortably below your waist line and not reveal your tummy when you lift up your hands. 

  • Choose a Good Fit

Just like any other piece of clothing, extra large shirts should fit you as closely as possible. This means you shouldn’t wear shirts that make you look like you’re bursting at the seams. It also shouldn’t make you look like a tent. Good fitting shirts can be buttoned easily at the widest part of your chest and still have about 5cm width or so to spare.

The right extra large shirt is definitely out there for you. The right shirt will make you look good, no matter how large you are and no matter where you’re wearing it to.