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Change Your Plus Size Smart Casual Style


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Plus Size Smart Casual - Change Your Smart Casual Style

large size smart casual clothing selections

The smart casual style has become somewhat of a trend in the past decade. In the smart casual mode, T-shirts are paired with blazers and loafers. It’s a look that’s young and stylish. 

The smart casual style is accepted in many modern workplaces, where collared T-shirts and jeans are acceptable as work wear. Smart casual is also increasingly adopted as a dress code for company events on weekends and after work hours. 

Plus Size Smart Casual - New Rules of dressing for both mens and womens

If you’re a plus size men or women and want to experience with plus size smart casual clothing, these are some new rules to replace older rules of dressing that you can break:

  1. Wear White If You Want 

It used to be the norm that larger sized people wore black and darker colors as this was supposed to make them look slimmer. However, the secret to looking good in any plus sized clothing is the fit. 

As long as a piece of clothing fits you well, you can feel free to wear lighter colors, even white or peach.

  1. Try a Button-Down Shirt Today

There’s a fashion myth that says button down shirts don’t complement a large figure. That’s all in the past now. Button down shirts have come a long way, and now complement plus sized curves and figures.

All you have to do is choose a shirt that features darts, ruching, wraps and cuts that flow with your body shape naturally, rather than button down shirts that make you look like a tent. One good example of plus size smart casual for women is Herway’s Printed Cap sleeve Blouse.

  1. You Don’t Need To Stick To Monochromatic Colors

Large sized people don’t need to wear clothes of only one color. In the past, one colored clothing was the norm among plus size for both men and women but you don’t have to follow that anymore. 

As long as you don’t overdo the color combination, you can actually wear two or more colors in one piece of clothing. Good color combinations include those on the opposite end of the color wheel; like red and green or those beside each other on the color wheel, like orange and pink.

  1. You Can Wear Stripes

Don’t listen to the old advice that plus size men and women cannot wear stripes. Vertical stripes on any piece of clothing will accentuate your height.. Stripes can be fun and add a touch of creativity to your clothing, just like this collared T-shirt from Royal Extrema as your plus size smart casual.

Smaller stripes are always preferable to bigger ones. However, there is an exception to this rule, which is that you should avoid huge horizontal stripes. 

  1. You Don’t Have to Wear Baggy Clothes

Baggy clothes used to be the norm for both plus size men and women, but not anymore. Nowadays, you should dress as closely to your real body shape as possible. Pick outfits with a stiff type of fabric that will hold its shape and cut when you wear it, rather than soft fabric that will bunch up like a tent around you.


Being plus sized doesn’t stop you from being proud of your body. Always try on new styles as there’s really no ‘one style fits all’ in the world of fashion. You may be surprised to find that the rules that apply to others don’t apply to you.