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How to Choose The Right Plus Size Jeans in Malaysia


Annoying Things About Plus Size Suits That You Can Easily Solve

Things get more complicated when you’re searching for a pair of plus size suits that fits you perfectly. Good workwear can be really hard to find if you’re a plus-sized guy.


How to Choose The Right Plus Size Jeans in Malaysia

Plus Size Underwear: 5 Reasons Why Lingerie Is Important

Lingerie is often a taboo subject that people avoid discussing . Among women, it’s treated with a certain sense of embarrassment and we get shy if someone brings it up in public. However, lingerie is such an integral part of daily life. Despite it being such a simple thing, it actually forms a large part of our confidence, and the way we live. ;


Plus Size women clothing malaysia

Plus Size Women's Clothing: 5 Basic Staples You Shouldn't Miss Out

Plus-sized women often feel left out of fashion trends. The latest styles seem to cater to women who are more petite and of specific shapes. Before you get too disappointed, here are some basic staples of any plus size women's clothing collection.

Plus Size formal business attire

Dress To Impress: 4 Plus Size Business Attire Ideas

For the majority, working life means having to go into the office on a daily basis. This also means having to dress in clothing formal enough for the office environment. This includes plus-sized people who have to wear plus size business attire.

Womens Plus Size business attire

How to Style Women's Plus Size Business Suits

If you’re a plus-sized guy reading this, you must be wondering what these ‘secrets’ are all about. Well, looking good isn’t just for others. It’s for you too. 

Plus-sized men can look attractive and poised, and the right clothes can really help. If you’re working in a formal setting and need to wear shirts on a regular basis, you need to choose the correct sizes and patterns. Here’s how you can choose the best extra large shirts for yourself.

Award largest clothing store malaysia

What do Malaysians think about our plus size clothing store?

Being listed in The Malaysian Book of Records as the Largest Plus Size Clothing Distributor in the previous year, ButikBOS Malaysia has recently been nominated for Top E-commerce Merchant Awards 2019. This will not stop us here! We are all geared up to provide you with an enjoyable and extensive shopping experience than ever before.

Plus Size Shopper prefer online

Why Plus-Sized Shoppers In Malaysia Prefer Physical Store Rather Than Online Shopping?

With the rise of eCommerce in this modern world, many businesses have portrayed their interest in developing an online store to reach a wider market. Plus size clothing business in Malaysia is no exception, especially when opening up a physical store requires a tidy sum of money.