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What Your Big And Tall Clothing Colour Tells Your Personality

What Your Big And Tall Clothing Colour Tells Your Personality



What’s your favourite colour? Don’t take too long. It should ideally be the first one that comes to your mind. You might even realise how this colour has built up your big and tall clothing wardrobe. 

That’s most likely your personality colour, though not necessarily. Yet, it’s worth exploring on how your personality colour reflects your emotional, physical and mental states.


Black Has Both Positive & Negative Traits

Black tends to be the most common clothing colour choice because it goes with almost anything. A plus point, black helps to create a slimming illusion, which most large-sized people look for. While, wearing black is more likely to be taken seriously as claimed by Karen Haller, the Applied Colour Psychology Practitioner. 

 In fact, black is considered as a symbol of prestige, power, formal, elegant and wisdom. Thus, we can see how the university convocation ceremonies are usually dominated by black. 

 Besides, as a lover of black, you are often associated to be ambitious but at the same time very sensitive or aggressive. To help in this situation, use black on accessories, like cardigan or scarves, instead of the main piece to avoid overdoing.


Empower Yourself With Blue

Blue is so-called the more fashionable version of black. Most people consider blue as the best colour for interviews because blue often induces a sense of confidence, reliability, trustworthy, efficiency and loyalty. Wishing to leave a good impression on the interviewer? Consider blue. 

Apart from that, many work uniforms or business suits are blue. Besides displaying professionalism, dark blue-toned clothing has a calming effect. Will be attending a brainstorming session? Opt for a blue outfit which symbolises freshness and inner peace. This feeling of tranquillity is optimum to stimulate creative thinking. 

Red = Attractive



Dress in red if you want to get noticed. The colour red lengthens people’s attention span, hence enhancing your attractiveness. If you’re planning to impress others, be it your date or your client, choose red. David Zyla, Emmy-Award-winning stylist and author of The Color of Style reveals how red connotes a sense of sexuality, vivaciousness and excitement. 

However, be careful when choosing red as it can depict aggressiveness, self-centredness and quick in expressing and judging others. It is best to stay away from red when you’re going for a business meeting as it can channel the wrong message to your audience. 


Cheerful Orange Uplifts Your Spirit

Interestingly, people who prefer orange often crave socialization and seek acceptance. Research shows that this personality type enjoys their working life and is excited to meet new faces. They are more open to accepting physical or social challenges. 

 Are you tired of wearing dull colours? Try orange on your extra-large figure. You may find how orange can keep you looking trendy, expressing the qualities of caring and positive emotional health. Bright colour doesn’t necessarily make you fat. Your body doesn’t dictate what colour you wear. 


Think Green, Think Creative

People who favour green tends to be more loving and mindful of their social standing. Their joy of green often derives from the kinship of nature, leaving them in a peaceful and satisfactory state. If you associate yourself in this category, you’re most likely achieving a sense of balance. Besides wealth, gentle and kind is the usual connotation of the shade green. 

Research also highlighted that people engaged in creative task generally prefer green clothing colour. A study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin explained how green enhances the participants’ creative performance. Go for green clothing for your next creative work! It might help you without you knowing. 



The Big and Tall, don’t be afraid to play around with your clothing colours. Take a break from loose and dull colour. There are more colours to be explored in ButikBOS Malaysia. Shy to wear? Visit our physical store to try out on your plus size frame. Who knows you might get unexpectedly great results after some try-on.