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Annoying Things About Plus Size Suits That You Can Easily Solve


Annoying Things About Plus Size Suits That You Can Easily Solve


Being a plus-sized man, you feel all the frustration when it comes to outfit shopping. This is apparent especially when you shop in the malls. Things get more complicated when you’re searching for a pair of plus size suits that fits you perfectly. Good workwear can be really hard to find if you’re a plus-sized guy.

However, there are ways you can shop for plus-sized clothing in a happy and satisfying way. Let’s look at the common complaints plus-sized men have when hunting for suits, and how to overcome them.

1. “They don’t carry anything bigger than XXL”

You’re out at the mall and there’s this dress shirt that captures your heart right away. However, your dream shatters when you find out that they don’t have your size. It’s always frustrating and sometimes you feel like you’ve wasted your time.

How to solve this?

It’s easy. All you have to do is to shop at a plus-sized specialist clothing store. BOS Boutique Malaysia’s Platinum brand offers a wide variety of smart-looking plus size suits for you to choose from. If not, certain malls and supermarkets house a plus-sized section as well.

Another way is to shop online, especially at stores catering to plus-sized customers. They often carry larger sizes, with specific measurements listed so you can pick the size closest to your shape.

However, it is vital to note that most of the plus size clothing available in the market follow Asian size format. They are mostly not as big. For bigger fitting, you may check out BOS Boutique as our size specs adhere to either standard European or American size format.


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2. “Everything makes me look like a tent”

 There’s always this misconception among the general public that plus-sized men only look good in oversized clothing. This is completely untrue. As a plus-sized man, you should be body positive and choose clothing that fits you closely, especially if we’re talking about shirts, pants and suits for work.

The proper fit will make you look neat and well-groomed. On the other hand, oversized clothing can make you look sloppy.

How to solve this?

Always have the courage to wear clothes that fit your form. Let go of your inner insecurities and dress with confidence. Be proud of your shape and don’t hide it behind large, shapeless clothing.

3. “Why is everything so loud and garish?”

Another common problem with plus-sized men’s suits is that they often come with very loud designs. Bright yellow sunflowers on Hawaiian shirts seem to be the norm. However, plus-sized men should also consider more earthy colours, like dark blue, black, white and khaki, especially for the office.

When it comes to suits, darker colours are usually considered more formal and serious.

How to solve this?

Support brands that carry elegant, classy designs for plus-sized men. When demand for these types of designs increases, you’ll see more professional designs fill the market. Fewer and fewer brands will carry loud, big prints in bright colours that aren’t always suitable for workwear. 



Choosing a suit and other formal clothing for work shouldn’t be a chore, even if you’re a plus-sized person. If you’re courageous enough to make your choices known, the supply of plus size suits that suit your preferences will naturally follow. Meanwhile, you may visit BOS Boutique to check out their pick of plus size suits that you may fall in love at first sight! Don’t worry about the sizes as you may try it on at our physical store.